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招收代课老师 Substitute Teachers Wanted

为了不中断我们的教学及扩大我们的师资,华夏中文学校现招收代课老师 (学前班 - 高中)。如学校有教师职位空缺,代课老师优先考虑。


  1. 有一定的教学经验;
  2. 中文普通话标准流利;
  3. 责任心强,负责可靠, 时间灵活 .

有意者请将个人简历寄往: jun_ni@hotmail. com

CCA is looking for substitute teachers (K – 12) to ensure that the education process is not interrupted when the regular teacher is absent. As a substitute teacher, you will be first in line to be considered as a regular teacher when such a position is open.

Position Requirements:

  1. Teaching experience preferred;
  2. Fluent in Mandarin with no accent;
  3. Responsible, reliable and flexible.

If interested, send resume to

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