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Thank You Letter from DaLong, XiaoSong, Athena & Amelie


Dear CCA Board, Families, Friends, and students,

My husband, DaLong and I received all of your donations which was delivered by Mr. Richard Yang and Mr. Ed Yu, on Monday, Sept. 21, evening, at our temporary new home, the Asian Library. THANK YOU ALL for your generous contributions! There are no words could express our deepest sincere appreciation for every one's kindness and support!!!

We had not have email and Internet access since the fire on the 8th.  But beginning yesterday afternoon, we are once again reconnected with the world! -- with your donation, we were able to purchase a computer to replace the one we had that was lost in the fire. Your generous heroic acts of kindness warms and supports our hearts and minds and will be cherished for the rest of our lives! We plan to use the rest of your donation to rebuild our house and our dreams!!!

Thank you, CCA Board for organizing this fundraiser, thank you families and students for your kindness, thank you, thank you, thank you, graciously!! !


DaLong, XiaoSong, Athena & Amelie

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