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Dear parents,


This is just a reminder for CCA annual fall picnic on this Sunday, the weather will be nice and we hope to see you all:

  • Time: we will still have the normal class, please take your children to the park right after the end of class, the picnic will start at 12:30 and ends around 3
  • Location: Park Road Park, Shelter 1 and 2
  • Driving direction: from school, you will turn left on Sardis Rd, then turn left on Faiview Rd, driving about 6 miles, turn left on Park Road, then turn first right to enter the Park, Shelter 1 and 2 are on your left
  • Food: Both Chinese food and pizza will be served free of charge
  • Drink: soft drink, water
  • Game: we have 10+ games and reward for our kids

We still need some volunteers to help us decorate the venue, Please let me know if you have time to help us. We will need to leave at around 10:45 and you may need to arrange car pool for your kids.  We also need 7 – 10 foldable tables, please bring it in if you do have it. We really appreciate it your help.




Edward Yu

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